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Marion Donaldson Elementary

Full information about Marion Donaldson Elementary — 2040 West Omar Drive, Tucson, Arizona 85704 Arizona 85704

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2040 West Omar Drive,
Tucson, Arizona

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+1 520-696-6160



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    This school advertising an a+ rating is a joke. We moved from California and our son was in a private school, and the year he was at Donaldson was a joke, and a waste of time. Our son lost interest in school because It was a review from the year before, in California. The staff was not very good, and his teacher and principal have some lackadaisical view on life thats not in touch with reality. Our boy is now back in a private school and he is receiving a much higher form of education that will get him where he needs to be at. How does a kid go from all A's to struggling in a public school and going back to all A's. Its easy, Crap teachers, and a curriculum, that is below the grade, will produce lousy results from all the kids, while good teachers get gold from there students. Much more is needed to align each states curriculum.
    By Jess Jess, March 20, 2018
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